Hi! I'm Mischel, and I'm the owner of Tickle My Tutu.  Before Tickle My Tutu, I was a 2nd grade teacher for five years.  I loved my job but decided I would rather be a stay at home mom once my children were born.  In 2006, my husband, Zane, and I welcomed our son Payton into the world.  My life felt complete.  I loved having my son and spending every moment of every day with him.  In 2010, we welcomed our daughter Ryleigh.  Now I was surrounded with pink, ruffles, and everything frilly.  I could just not get enough of all the girly cuteness.  In the summer of 2011, I was planning her first birthday party.  I began searching the Internet for the perfect party outfit for her and could not find "the perfect outfit."  My birthday was coming up and my husband kept asking me what I was wanting.  I knew after searching the Internet that if I had my own embroidery machine, I could make her birthday outfit myself.  My husband spent weeks and weeks researching for the best beginner embroidery machine and surprised me with it for my birthday.  I was ecstatic.  After watching dozens and dozens of Youtube videos, I was able to create my first shirt and tutu set.  I was thrilled.  Once my friends started seeing what I could make, word of mouth got around and I was creating shirts and outfits for friends and friends of friends.  That is when I decided to start Tickle My Tutu.  I had no idea what was in store for me.  My hobby very quickly became a full time business and that beginner machine that my husband had spent so many hours researching quickly had to be upgraded to a commercial machine so that I could keep up with my orders, and in early 2014, I was able to add a second embroidery machine to my ever growing business.  I am so thrilled with the way things have turned out and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my business.  Thank you to all of my wonderful customers for making this dream of mine a reality!